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About Me

My name is Amanda.

I am a wife, mother and photographer.

Through the journey of motherhood I've discovered and developed a love for capturing life's precious yet fleeting moments with photographs. Individuals and families are ever changing. In this age of smart phones, digital cameras and social media, we are blessed to be able to snap each moment of our lives and freeze them in a picture, yet we often fail to see the importance of having a photographer capture the true essence of families/individuals as a whole. I love capturing life in photographs. From the soft, squishy little cheeks and tiny toes of a new soul to a high school senior ready to embark on a new exciting journey; from two people who are ready to begin their "happily ever after" to a daddy and his little princess that has him wrapped around her little finger or a mother with her pride and joy resting in her arms.

 I take a relaxed approach in photographing clients in the natural light of the outdoors. My desire is to photograph each individual in a surrounding where their "real" self can be expressed and to give each client, especially children, time to warm up to the camera so that their truest smile can be frozen in time and enjoyed for years to come.

Las Cruces, NM 88007

Tel: 505-350-8679

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